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I’m crying real tears rn


burnie burns at the streamy awards 


got my back tattoo finished today :) love the way it turned out !!




If the Winter Soldier was responsible for the Kennedy assassination and Magneto tried to STOP the Kennedy assassination then that must mean somehow Magneto lost a fight to a guy wITH AN ENTirE ARm MADE OF METAL

Marvel writers sweat intensely


Halloween falls right in the middle of asexual awareness week.
So, like, I’m not saying asexuals are super awesome skeleton warriors, but let’s look at the facts here…

Iron Man Trivia Part 1/Part 2 click on pictures to read captions with more trivia


I’ll give it to Michael, ‘cause not only did his go off, but it hit a moving target.

Let’s Play Minecraft 122: King Gavin part 2


The only gif you ever need.

Maisie Williams for Modds Magazine (April 2014)




One would assume that scientists, who are trained to think objectively, are completely immune to gender discrimination. However, a recent Yale study by Corinne Moss-Racusin and colleagues suggests otherwise.

The researchers created a fictional student and sent out the student’s application to science professors at top, research-intensive universities in the United States. The professors were asked to evaluate how competent this student was, how likely they would be to hire the student, how much they would pay this student, and how willing they would be to mentor the student. All of the applications sent out were identical, except for the fact that half were for a male applicant, John, and half were for a female applicant, Jennifer. Results showed that, with statistical significance, both male and female faculty at these institutions were biased towards male students over female students.

Data from the study shows that on average, science faculty was willing to pay the male applicant about $4,000 more per year. 

"The gender gap doesn’t exist" 

"We don’t need feminism" 

"Maybe he just worked harder"

"*any MRA bullshit*"

I had to read this study for class. It is thorough as fuck.



Because they were always heroes, even before they officially became them.

all new covers for the US [already out] and the UK [coming in September]